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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool


Ms. Beth 4 Year Old Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Nursery Happenings for the month of November

Week of November 1 - 5
This week we celebrate All Saints Day on November 1. We will continue to learn about various Saints and understand that a Saint is a Friend of Jesus. Throughout the month of November, we will be learning about our feelings. We will be talking about appropriate ways to express our feelings and the importance of being a good friend. This week we will hear the story, Our Class Is A Family, written by Shannon Olsen and we will be making a class family picture book. Our letter this week is the letter “F”.

Week of November 8 – 12
This week we will talk about Veterans Day. We will honor our Veterans with a special Patriotic parade at flag time. We will talk about the joy of giving and doing for others. Also, as we begin to prepare for Thanksgiving, we will spend time acknowledging all the wonderful people and things for which we are thankful and grateful. In addition, we will be learning about Nocturnal Animals. Our letter this week is the letter “G”.

Week of November 15 - 19
This week we will begin learning about the first Thanksgiving. We will be hearing stories about the Pilgrims and their voyage on the Mayflower. In addition, we will be learning about the Native American Indians. We will be learning new Thanksgiving songs and making fun art projects. Our letter for this week is the letter “H”.

Week of November 22 – 24
This week we will be making butter and cooking cornbread, as we prepare for our own Thanksgiving feast. We will not be introducing a new letter this week.


Week of November 29 – December 3
This is the first week of Advent, a special time to prepare for Jesus’s Birthday. This first week is the week of HOPE.
Each week we will light a candle on our Advent wreath, and make a special ornament for our class tree. Our letter this week is the letter “I”.


Miss Beth and Miss Joanne

Class Time Schedules

4 Year Old M-W-F Program Schedule
7:30-8:30 Arrival – Play in Playroom
8:45 Clean-up in the playroom
8:55 Bathroom
9:05 Table Activity
9:15 Snack and story
9:25 Class is split. ½ have free play and ½ have Art
9:45 Switch
10:00 Prayer – Pledge – Attendance - Calendar – Weather
10:25 Class is split. ½ have Lesson and ½ have Music/Exercise
10:50 Switch
11:20 Preparation for dismissal or indoor recess
11:30 Morning Dismissal
11:50 Bathroom
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Recess
1:30 Rest Time
2:30 Activities/Play
3:30 School Closes