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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool


Ms. Beth 3 Year Old Tuesday and Thursday

November News!
Tentative Happenings in our Class

Week of November 6 - 9

It is hard to believe that it is already November.  Throughout this month, we will be talking about our feelings and learning appropriate ways to express and handle those feelings.  We will also be talking about the importance of family and friends.  This week we will begin to learn about our five senses.  We will focus on one sense each week.  This week we will be talking about our sense of sight.  We will take a nature walk on school grounds and “see” all the beauty around us. Also, this week we will begin learning about the first Thanksgiving. We will be learning about the Pilgrims who traveled on the Mayflower.


Craft Fair Saturday, November 11, from 10AM-3PM

At Our Lady of Fatima Hall 50 Walsh Ave. Peabody


Week of November 13 - 17

Our sense this week is the sense of touch. We will be “feeling” various textures and fabrics.  In addition, this week we will continue learning about the first Thanksgiving.  We will learn about the Native Americans, and we will be making bead necklaces and headbands. 



Week of November 20 – 22

This week we will focus on all that we are thankful for.  We will enjoy a special feast on Tuesday as we remember the first Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving


Week of November 27 – December 1

Our sense this week is the sense of hearing. We will enjoy a fun sounding parade while playing various musical instruments.




                        Miss Beth, Sr. Annie, and Miss Dawn, and Sr. Sheeba


November Birthday’s

Tyler DeAmelio – November 12

Natalia Russo – November 21

Class Time Schedules

3 Year Old T-TH Program Schedule
7:30-8:45 Arrive at school - open playtime
8:45-8:55 Clean-up – Bathroom
8:35 Classroom free play
9:00 Playroom Activity
9:30 Snack and story
9:45 Art
10:00 Playroom Music/Exercise
10:25 Prayer – Pledge – Attendance - Calendar – Weather
10:55 Lesson
11:20 Preparation for dismissal
11:30 Morning Dismissal
11:50 Bathroom
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Recess
1:30 Rest Time
2:30 Activities/Play
3:30 School Closes