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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool


Ms. Beth 3 Year Old Tuesday and Thursday

May News!
Tentative Happenings in our Class

Week of April 29 – May 3
This week will be our “building” week. We will learn to name the many tools used for building. We will be using tools and various blocks to create our masterpieces. May 1st is the Feast Day of St. Joseph the Worker. We will learn about his life, and his job as a carpenter. Also, we will be learning about Earth Day.
Week of May 6 - 10
This week we will be “pondering at the pond” we will learn about frogs and turtles, insects, and other pond life. We will hear the story, Five Speckled Frogs, and we will play a fun counting game to go along with the story.

Week of May 13- 17
This week we will be learning about zoo animals. Also, we will be preparing for our annual Carmelite in-school circus, which is on, Thursday, May 23. The children will learn about the many jobs, which are involved in a circus. Each child will have the opportunity to take part in our circus. We will have ticket collectors, popcorn passers, animal acts (our class in animal costumes), clowns, (clown costumes), hoola hoop, and trapeze acts, and much, much more.

Week of May 20 – 24
Excitement will be in the air this week as we anticipate our circus day. We will continue to review our colors and numbers with some fun circus games on Tuesday. Thursday is our circus.

If your child would like to have his or her face painted for the circus, please have them at school by 8:30am on Thursday.

Week of May 27 – 31
This week we will learn about ocean animals. We will be making rainbow fish, and using sand to create some colorful sea creatures

Parents are invited to come and enjoy our musical program on June 4 at 10:45am.

Also, progress reports will be sent home in mid-May. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.


Miss Beth, Miss Julia, Sr. Annie, & Sr. Debiana

Class Time Schedules

3 Year Old T-TH Program Schedule
7:30-8:45 Arrive at school - open playtime
8:45-8:55 Clean-up – Bathroom
8:35 Classroom free play
9:00 Playroom Activity
9:30 Snack and story
9:45 Art
10:00 Playroom Music/Exercise
10:25 Prayer – Pledge – Attendance - Calendar – Weather
10:55 Lesson
11:20 Preparation for dismissal
11:30 Morning Dismissal
11:50 Bathroom
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Recess
1:30 Rest Time
2:30 Activities/Play
3:30 School Closes