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Carmelite Preschool

Ms. Dawn

3 Year Old Tuesday and Thursday

December News! Tentative Happenings in our Class

Week 1

Jan 4th& 6th Welcome Back!  We hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Christmas season.  Best wishes to all for a healthy and peaceful New Year!  We will begin our first week back with a little New Year’s celebration using horns and cheers.  Wednesday we will learn about the Epiphany, the visit of the Three Kings to Baby
Jesus.  We will be making crowns and joining Sr. Kathy on a journey to “Bethlehem” in the upstairs chapel.  Also, we will introduce numbers and learn the importance they have in our lives – age, time, measuring, money, etc.  This week we will learn about the
number “1”.

Week 2 

Jan 11th& 13th  We will begin our Winter Wonderland Week.  We will be making a snowman and snowflakes and talking about the warm clothing we need to wear in the wintertime.  We will learn about birds that love this cold weather.  The concept of big – BIGGER – BIGGEST will be in our art and papers this week.  This week we will introduce the number “2”.  On Friday, we will read about Martin Luther King Jr. and discuss why he is so well known and respected. 

Week 3

Jan 18th& 20th  We will learn about animals from the North and South Poles.  For art, we will be making penguins and polar bears.  SMALL – smaller – smallest will be reviewed.  In addition, we will be learning about the concept of “on” and “off”.  Our number this week is “3”.

Week 4 

Jan 25th & 27th   This week we will learn about bears and other animals that hibernate in the winter.  We will discuss the concept of “in” and “out”.  We will also learn about the number “4”.

Stay warm – Miss Dawn & Miss Joanne

Class Time Schedules

3 Year Old Tu/Th Program Schedule
Time Activity
7:30 Arrival Play in Playroom
8:25 Bathroom
8:35 Classroom free play
9:00 Playroom Activity
9:30 Snack and story
9:45 Art
10:00 Playroom Music/Exercise
10:25 Prayer - Pledge - Attendance - Calendar - Weather
10:55 Lesson
11:20 Preparation for dismissal
11:30 Morning Dismissal
11:50 Bathroom
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Recess
1:30 Rest Time
2:30 Activities/Play
3:30 School Closes