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Carmelite Preschool

Calendar and Events

For the most part, our Center follows the scheduling of the Peabody Public Schools. The 5-Day Four-Year Old program begins the Wednesday after Labor Day. The MWF 3 and 4-Year Old programs begin the Monday after Labor Day. Orientation for new T/TH Nursery children begins the Wednesday after Labor Day.

School Calendar 2021 - 2022 (revised 8/1/2021)
Month Day Information
September 2 (TH) *Visit the School Day for children & parents from 9:00AM – 11:00AM
  8 (W) *School opens (4 or 5) Day 4 Year Olds (Sr. Christine’s Class)
8, 9 & 10 (W-F) *Orientation Program for NEW T/TH 3 Year Olds
13 (M) *School opens for 3 Day 3’s & MWF 4 Year Olds
15 (TU) *Open House for All New Parents at 7:30PM
October 11 (M) No School: Columbus Day
November 11 (Th) No School: Veterans’ Day
  25 & 26 (TH & FRI) No School: Thanksgiving Day Vacation
December - January 23 - 2 No School: Christmas Vacation
January 3 (M) School resumes
  17 (M) No School: Martin Luther King Day
February 21 - 25 No School: Mid-Winter Vacation
April 14 (Th) No School: Holy Thursday
  15 (F) No School: Good Friday
  18-22 (M-F) No School: Spring Vacation
May 30 (M) No School: Memorial Day
June 9 (TH) Last Day of School for T/TH 3’s
  10 (F) Last Day of School for MWF 3’s
  15 (W) Last Day of School for MWF 4’s
  17 (F) Last Day of School for 4 or 5-day 4’s

No School Announcements
Due To Inclement Weather

For our school cancellations, the Center will call your home number between 6:30AM and 7:00AM to notify you of a no school day. In the event that parents feel weather conditions will not allow their child to reach school safely, they are encouraged to keep their child at home.