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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool


Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are offered after the progress reports have been sent home. School Rules Parents may request a conference at any time.

Parent Involvement

Parents are welcome to visit or volunteer in the classroom but are asked to coordinate the visit with the classroom teacher in advance.

Parents Advisory Board

The role of the parents Advisory Board (P.A.B.) is to enhancethe schools environment by making it a safe and happy place for the children to grow and learn. Student Art Work The P.A.B. achieves this primarily throughfundraising activities, which allows the school to purchase needed items.(In past years, the P.A.B. events have raised money to purchase an alarmsystem, a new computer and a new copier for the school.

The P.A.B. meets on the first Wednesday of every month (October-June) at 7:30 PM in the school playroom. All parents are invited to attendany and all meetings.


Tuition provides part of the total cost of education. Fundraising is used to purchase items for the school and to fund special school activities. All fundraising is done in conjunction with the Parent Advisory Board. All fundraising activities are held with parental knowledge and consent

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