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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool

The Carmelite has been a positive, caring, and family-like learning environment for my 3 children. The entire staff is great and my daughter was very prepared for kindergarten. I am extremely happy with my decision to send them to Carmelite! —Shannon
Carmelite was the first place that I dropped off our kids when they were not with a family member and I couldn’t have imagined a more warm, comforting and caring place. Coupled with the amazing educational and social training they received to prepare for kindergarten, Carmelite is one of my (and my children's) most favorite places in the world. —Jennifer
I have dedicated my professional life to educating children, so when looking for a school for my two children, I was elated to find such a perfect fit right here in Peabody. The Carmelite has provided a safe, loving, faith-based learning environment for both my son and daughter. This balance has been a great experience for our whole family. —Courtney
The main reason we decided to send our son to Carmelite Holy Childhood Preschool was its reputation. After speaking to friends and co-workers that had sent their children to this school, it was evident to us that Carmelite provided not only the faith-based curriculum we wanted as parents, but also a kind and loving environment as well. All parents can be apprehensive when it comes to dropping their child off at school on that first day, but trust that the staff at Carmelite will treat them like one of their own. —Diane
My two daughters spent two fantastic years at the Carmelite Preschool. Sr. Kathy does a great job combining a structured day of activities with guidance for individual needs. Both girls are now in grade school and they were able to easily adapt to the traditional school day based on their experience within the Carmelite program. The days are packed with learning, making friends and having fun. They truly enjoyed going to the Carmelite every day. —Gina
My girls had such a wonderful experience at the Carmelite Preschool. Sr. Kathy and her staff are incredible teachers, motivators and councilors. The classroom structure helps prepare the children for Kindergarten and the fun activities and social events, helped them make friends for years to come. —Timothy
Sending our children to the Carmelite Holy Childhood Preschool has been one of the best decisions we have made for our family. The caring nature of the staff has created a truly nurturing and safe environment for our children to develop during these formative years. This environment, coupled with the strong religious based curriculum, has helped to reinforce the values we try to instill at home, and in our estimation is what distinguishes Carmelite from all the other preschools we could have chosen. —Jen and Tom