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Carmelite Sisters’
Holy Childhood Preschool

Holy Childhood Preschool

Music CD Lyrics

I Believe Songs of faith for the young child and family Words and music by: Sr. Kathy Bettencourt “For the glory of God and good of souls”

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1. Roll Back the Stone

Refrain: Roll back the stone. Roll back the stone. And believe in the love of the Lord. Roll back the stone. Roll back the stone. And believe in the love of the Lord.

1. On that Easter Sunday morn, at the break of dawn Mary went to the tomb to see, and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized Jesus wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

2. Then an angel appeared and said do not fear. Jesus is risen as he said. Go tell his friends he’s risen from the dead. Spread the good news everywhere.

3. Mary spread the good news, but Jesus’ friends refused to believe what she had seen and said. They were hiding in fear when Jesus appeared I’m alive - Peace be with you my friends.

4. Jesus gave them a job, to spread the word of God throughout the whole world. Teach and baptize help people realize: God is Love, you are loved spread the word.

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2. God Did

1. *Who made the ground – God did.The earth so round – God did.Ants in a mound – God did.God made them for you and for me.

Refrain: God the Father, God the Son, Holy Spirit three in one. (2X)

2. *Who made the sky – God did. The mountains so high – God did. The birds that fly – God did. God made them for you and for me.

3. *Who made the sea – God did. The tiny flee – God did. The buzzing bee – God did. God made them for you and for me.

4. *Who made the dove – God did. Parents to love – God did. A family to hug – God did. God made them for you and for me.

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3. The Animal Song

Refrain: And the cows, they say moo, moo (moo, moo). And the donkeys say hee haw, (hee haw). And the birds they say tweet, tweet (tweet, tweet) And the crows they say caw, caw (caw, caw) And the dogs they say bow wow (bow wow) And the frogs they say greedeet (greedeet) And the ducks they say quack, quack (quack, quack). And the chicks they say peep, peep (peep, peep)

1. Animals are wonderful God our Father made them all. Furry, fat, slimy, thin all praise God in song.

2. Animals are big and small they walk, they creep, they crawl. They can swim and they can fly and glorify God with their lives.

3. All creatures great and small God our Father made them all. And together we praise God when we sing out loud and strong.

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4. Light of Jesus

Refrain: Light of Jesus in my heart. Keep me safe when it’s dark. Help me do the things I should to be to others kind and good.

1. Jesus shine in my mind. Shine when I am kind. Jesus shine in my talk. Shine where ever I walk.

2. Jesus shine when I play, to be a good friend in every way. Jesus shine in my heart and help me to be smart.

3. Jesus shine when I’m sad, help me to be glad. Jesus shine when I’m wrong, help me to get along.

4. Jesus shine when I’m scared, to feel your love and care. Jesus shine when I pray, to be like you every way.

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5.The Saints are the Friends of Jesus

(in memory of Katherine Grant)

Refrain: The Saints are the friends of Jesus. The Saints are the friends of Jesus. Our family of love both here and above, The Saints are the friends of Jesus.

1. Baptized with water when we are small. We are ready to answer the call. Follow me Jesus says. Are we ready to be led?

2. Jesus I will follow you. In what you say and what you do. I want to be a saint up above giving to others your gift of love.

3. Friends with Jesus here on earth born into heaven a 2nd birth. A holy life is for me, sharing with others joyfully.

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6. I Can Do Little Things With Big Love

(The “Little Way” of St. Therese)

Refrain: I can do little things with big love, with big love, with big love. I can do little things with big love to show my love for Jesus.

1. I can say please and thank you too. I can clean-up when play is through. I can share and help with my hands. I can show love wherever I am.

2. I can be a very good friend, a helper, a hugger, a gentle friend. I can listen and obey, Mommy and Daddy in what they say.

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7. Prepare for the Coming of the Lord

Refrain: Prepare for the coming of the Lord. Prepare for the coming of the Lord. Hope, peace, joy and love within your heart, Prepare for the coming of the Lord.

1. John the Baptist helped to prepare the way. Repent and turn away from sin. Do good deeds anytime and anywhere. And in this way return to the Lord.

2. The angel of the Lord appeared to Mary, and he asked. Will you be the mother of the Lord, and she said. Yes I will be the mother of Jesus and bring life and light into the world.

3. What will you do to prepare for Him? How will you show His love to the world? Look deep inside of you for the answer and start today and return to the Lord.

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8. Love is Forever

(St. Nicholas’ Prayer)

1. Jesus I love you with all of my heart. I will show you by doing my part. Caring and sharing is what I will do to show the whole world that I love you.

Refrain: Love is forever, love is forever. The good that you do will make your heart grow. Love is forever, love is forever. I will do good things wherever I go. (End): (I will do good things, cause I love you so.)

2. Giving to others is a good start, being good friends caring from the heart. You showed us your way with your words and deeds to help other people with all their needs.

3. St. Nicholas followed you with words and deeds. In secret he shared with those in need. He loved you and showed you by doing his part by giving with love and with all his heart.

4. Jesus the greatest gift is you. St. Nicholas knew this and lived it too. Help me to follow in your loving way to be giving and caring every day.

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9. May God’s Will Be Done

1. Gabriel, Gabriel will you give a message? Will you give a message for God’s own Son? (2X)

Refrain 1: Yes, I will. Yes, I will. Yes, I will. May God’s will be done. (2x)

2. Mary, Mary will you be the mother? Will you be the mother of God’s own son? (2x)

3. Joseph, Joseph will you be the father? Will you be the father of God’s own son? (2x)

4. Angels, Angels will you tell the good news? Will you tell the good news of God’s own Son? (2X)

Refrain 2: Yes, we will. Yes, we will. Yes, we will. May God’s will be done. (2x)

5. Shepherds, Shepherds will you visit the baby? Visit the baby – God’s own Son? (2X)

6. 3 Kings, 3 Kings will you follow the bright star? Follow the bright star to God’s own son? (2X)

7. Children, children will you love this baby? Love this baby God’s own son? (2X)

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10. Traveling to Bethlehem

Refrain: Traveling to Bethlehem, following a star. Traveling to Bethlehem coming from afar. Looking for a baby born to change the world. Looking for the King of Kings, Jesus, Son of God.

1. We must find the child, the baby King. We must worship Him, with the gifts we bring.

2. I will bring Him gifts of finest gold. Jesus is the Promised King - foretold.

3. I will bring Him, sweet frankincense used to honor God, when in His presence.

4. I will bring him myrrh, for hurts to heal. Jesus knows our souls and how we feel.

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11. Love the Lord Your God

Refrain: Love the Lord your God, love the Lord your God love the Lord your God, with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, with all your strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

1. Jesus you teach us how to live to love God first, to pray, to give, to be good friends and to forgive each day. (2X)

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12. Caring and Sharing

Refrain: Caring and sharing and living and loving. That’s how we follow Jesus. Caring and sharing and living and loving. That’s how we follow God’s way.

1. Follow me, Jesus says, follow me, Jesus says Follow me and show others the way by:

2. Follow me, Jesus says, follow me, Jesus says. Follow me and serve those in need by:

3. Feed the poor, at your door. Feed the poor and show them the way by:

4. Clothe the cold, help the old Jesus, told us, to help our neighbor in need by:

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13. Jesus, I Want To Follow You

Refrain: Jesus, Jesus I want to follow you, I want to follow you day and night. Jesus, Jesus I want to follow you, I want to follow you all my life.

1. Jesus you teach us of God’s love, from heaven above, to us each day. Jesus you teach us to be friends, use helpful hands, to show your way.

2. Jesus you teach us how to live, to forgive, that’s your way. Jesus you teach us how to pray, be close to you, every day.

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14. Pray (Our Father)

Refrain: Pray, pray, pray to God every day. Talk, talk to Jesus from your heart.

1. When you rise, before you start your day. Pray to God to be with you, as you go on your way.

2. Before you eat, remember God’s great love. Thank the Lord for the gifts showered on you from above.

3. When your sad and don’t know what to do. Pray to God and God will see you through.

4. When trouble finds your friends and family, Pray for them, for God’s grace to set them free.

5. When day is through, before you lay your head. Thank the Lord for all the ways you’ve been blest.

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15. Miracles

Refrain: Miracles, miracles, signs of God’s love miracles made for you and me, to help us believe. Miracles, miracles, signs of God’s love miracles made for you and me, to help us believe. (Miracles)

1. Changing water into wine. Calming the sea at a stormy time. Multiplying fish and bread so that everyone was fed.

2. Walking on the wavy sea. Healing souls to set them free. Raising people from the dead. Changing lives by what he said.

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16. Jesus Heal Us

Refrain: Jesus heal our hearts. Jesus heal our souls. Jesus heal our minds. Jesus make us whole.

1. Jesus you healed the lame. They walked, to praise God’s name. Jesus you healed their eyes, to see and testify.

2. Jesus you healed their ears. So your Word they could hear. Jesus you raised the dead, so we’d know, heaven is ahead.

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17. St. Patrick’s Song

1. Saint Patrick was an English lad who lived by the sea. On one late bright and sunny day something happened suddenly. An Irish pirate ship came by, filled with evil men. They kidnapped poor, little Patrick - took him to Ireland. They made him watch the flocks of sheep by night and by day. All alone in the wind and cold he passed his days away. As Patrick sat a lonely boy, he began to pray. And soon he came to realize, God was with him every day.

Refrain: In the sky and the trees and the grass and the breeze and the bugs that crawled by. Patrick saw that God was near in the creatures by his side. (2x)

2. Then one day he had his chance, Patrick ran away. He went home to England forever to stay. But while he was in his house he often stopped to pray. And remembered how he found God and said I’ll go back someday.

3. So Patrick grew into a man, holy and wise And he returned to Ireland to share the Word of God He taught the people how to pray, to read and to write He told them God was always near -by day and by night.

4. One day as Patrick walked a field, he found a leaf of three. And as he picked it up he smiled it’s like the Trinity. God is one with Father, Son and Holy Spirit too. Three Persons in one loving God this little plant will do. So to this day we know the shamrocks meaning is true. It reminds us of our loving God, St. Patrick and Ireland too.

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18. Jesus Returns to Heaven

Refrain: Jesus returns to heaven to ready a place for us. Jesus returns to heaven to ready a place for us.

1. After He rose from the dead, He showed that he was alive. After he rose from the dead, He gave us eternal life.

2. For 40 days, He walked and talked and showed his hands and side. So everyone would know the TRUTH that Jesus is alive.

3. He promised to send a special gift to help us be strong and wise. He promised to send the Holy Spirit so all could be baptized.

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19. Come, Come Holy Spirit

Refrain: Come, come Holy Spirit promised gift from above. Come, come Holy Spirit fill our hearts with your love.

1. Jesus promised to send You as gift, to make us strong and wise. Jesus promised to send You as gift, to light and guide our lives.

2. The gift of Wisdom helps us to see God’s plan working in our lives. Understanding helps us to see the feelings of those by our side.

3. The gift of Knowledge helps us to learn, so we make good choices each day. Courage gives us a brave, brave heart to do right and never run away.

4. The gift of Counsel helps us to listen to fix other’s problems God’s way. Reverence helps us to put God first, to honor God and to pray.

5. The gift of Wonder and Awe helps us be, amazed at what God has done. God made us, God loves us and cares for us and sent to us Jesus His Son.

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20. I Believe, I Believe

Refrain: I believe, I believe, I believe in the love of God. I believe, I believe Jesus is the way. (2X)

1.Everything I see, the earth, the sea and sky are gifts from a God, who loves me. But the greatest gift, is the only Son of God Jesus came to earth, to save and set me free.

2.God asked Mary to have a baby - by the Holy Spirit, “Let it be done unto me.” Born in Bethlehem, the shepherds came to see the baby Jesus born, to save and set us free.

3.Jesus lived His life, by teaching the love of God and because of this, they nailed Him to a tree. Dead and placed in a tomb, everything seemed lost but Jesus rose from the dead with God’s glory.

4.Jesus promised a gift, Who would be our guide. The Holy Spirit would come with gifts of grace. The Holy Spirit would teach and keep us in God’s way. And so the Church was born to spread His message every day.

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